Court Documents

Weston Property & Casualty Insurance Company (“Weston”), in Receivership for Liquidation


As the Weston receivership progresses, the Receiver and SDR will make submissions of applications, motions, reports, and exhibits to the receivership court as part of their continuing administration of the estate.  Please review this page periodically to see the most recent filings.  If you have any questions about these records, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

2024-04-18 WPCIC Fourth Quarter 2023 Status Report

2023-11-09 WPCIC Third Quarter Status Report

2023-10-03 WPCIC Second Quarter 2023 Status Report

2023-06-21 WPCIC First Quarter 2023 Status Report

2023-02-08 WPCIC Fourth Quarter Status Report

2022-11-22-WPCIC Third Quarter Status Report

Weston P&C Liquidation Order