Proof of Claim Submission

Before clicking “send message” below, please be sure:

  • You have carefully reviewed the POC form and its instructions
  • You have completed all sections and filled in all blanks on the POC form
  • Your POC form has been signed
  • You have attached your POC Form and supporting documentation under “upload file” below
  • If you have a master claim, that you have carefully followed the instructions for submitting a master claim and have attached a complete master claim itemization table for your claim.

The file size limitation for attachments is 128MB.  If your attachments exceed this limit, please copy your POC form and supporting documents to a CD or USB flash drive and refer to the POC form and its instructions for submission of POCs by mail. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Special Deputy Receiver at (800) 579-6817.