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Weston Property & Casualty Insurance Company (“Weston”), in Receivership for Liquidation


            The Receiver and SDR make it a priority to be available to answer any questions you may have about the receivership, your claims, and any communications we may send you.  There are several methods by which you can reach out, by mail, telephone, or online.

            Until further notice, policyholders with questions regarding Weston, pending claims, and similar issues should continue to visit this web site, or otherwise contact the company directly as follows:

Claims/Customer Service:, (877) 505-3040

For questions regarding claims that occurred before September 7, 2022, policyholders should contact the company directly.  If you have any non-claims related questions regarding the receivership estate, please contact the SDR at or by calling (800) 579-6817 or the Florida Department of Financial Services at or by calling (850) 413-3081 or toll free at 1-800-882-3054.

            Additionally, the SDR can be reached by mail at the addresses below:

Cantilo & Bennett, L.L.P.
Special Deputy Receiver of
Weston Property & Casualty Insurance Company
11401 Century Oaks Terrace, Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78758


P.O. Box 184
Austin, Texas 78767

Proof of Claim forms will be mailed to all known claimants in the estate.  A Proof of Claim form must be postmarked or submitted electronically by the Claims Filing Deadline of August 8, 2023, to be considered timely.